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Tops and gables are 1" thick

Modesty panels are 3/4" thick

Gables sets come in 3 different options and have to be specified when ordering:

A - 2 wide gables

B - 1 wide and 1 narrow gable

C - 2 narrow gables

All are thermally fused laminate on a 45lb industrial particleboard core

Includes leveling glides

Solid colour, woodgrain, textured or two-tone combinations available

  • Standard height is 29"
  • Standard end depth both ends 23¾" 
  • Standard side widths range from 35½" to 41½" and 65" to 71"
  • Units are standard with full height modesty panels - can be ordered with 1/2 or 3/4 height modesty panel
  • Units are standard with flush modesty panels - can be ordered with a recessed modesty panel
  • For custom sizes contact Customer Service