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Home Series Outlines

Outlines is a versatile, desktop-mounted, partition system that can be used on most new or existing modular work stations, reception stations and office desks. Posts, panels and tops are ordered separately to allow maximum flexibility in your quest to create attractive and functional desk partitions. All three categories come supplied with all parts and hardware necessary to easily install the system in the field.

Note: Outlines is a metric series. If you are ordering to fit on existing imperial sized furniture, you must state that on your order so that we can convert to fit imperial.

Available Panel Finishes:

Ribbed Polycarbonate (PYP), which allows light to pass through but obscures visibility.

Laminate (LAM), in ~20 standard Heartwood Finishes.

Tack Board (TBP), in ~12 Heartwood Fabrics (Escape series).

Plexiglass (PLX), in 3 styles - Clear (CL), Frosted (FR), and Bronze (BR).

All four materials are available in 12", 18", 24" and 36" heights to create the level of privacy you require. One Filler is supplied free with each Panel ordered. Polycarbonate and Tack Board Panels include aluminium top and bottom rails.

Rails & Posts are available in two finishes – Black (BL) and Aluminium (AL). Please indicate your preference on your order.

Laminate Panels are finished on the top and bottom edges with matching 2mm edge banding.

Transaction Tops available in 1" (OUT1) or 1½" (OUT2) thicknesses to match our 318, 388, 850 and 600 series tops. They may be ordered in any of Heartwood’s laminate finishes except Black (BL) and Graphite (GT) as these two finishes do not perform well in work surface applications.

All end corners are square. To order radius corners, add an R to the end of the prefix (e.g. - OUT1R-1272TA). There is an upcharge for rounded corners - speak with your office furniture dealer for details.

All edges are finished with matching 2mm edge banding. Optional, accent banding is available at NO CHARGE. 1½" tops are fluted, by default, to match 600 series tops.

Please indicate on order if you do not require fluting. Transaction Tops can be ordered with full Bullet ends. Contact Customer service for pricing and sizing information.

Send us your drawings and we'll be happy to send you a quote.

Shipping: Posts, Panels and Transaction Tops ship in separate cartons.