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Home Series Reception

Reception Series merges the numerous reception concepts/series available at Heartwood Manufacturing Ltd. into one central location. Whatever the reception workspace needs, we have a solution. 

Laminate Gallery Reception

Formerly 388 Gallery, this reception concept presents various configurations of extended laminate backs and gables, giving you the privacy you need where you need it. Gallery tops can be added to create a client transaction space or present a different look.

Laminate Desktop Reception

This concept combines storage requirements with the need for a division between a service provider and a client. Heartwoods new and expanded storage options, available in 388/600 Series, work well with the popular transaction shelf components currently found in this series.

Outlines Reception

Outlines Series is a robust desktop mounted privacy panel series with many applications. The nature of the Outlines Series inherently lends itself to reception workspaces were division is needed between client services and the client. With the numerous design elements encompassed by this series, be sure to find the look that is right for you.


Laminate Gallery Reception

Heartwood’s Gallery components are characterized by their extended back and gables making them a natural choice for reception workstations. Almost any 388/600 desking unit can be made into gallery and when coupled with our newly expanded 388/600 storage options, the design choices in Gallery are limitless.

  • Heartwood has developed a simple system for identifying RTA (ready-to-assemble) Gallery components. Please see price book for complete details and illustrations.
  • Most standard Connector Tops or Corner Modules can be manufactured in the RTA Gallery style. The only exceptions are Extended Corner Modules, so please use standard Corner Modules and Connector Tops in combination.
  • We have restricted the length of any connecting unit to 60” to avoid graining conflicts.
  • Any unit with a “C” gable indicated in the model number will have vertical grain on the Tall Gallery Gables and Backs.
  • Sizes over 60” are available in non-connecting units. For example, a 388-3072CT-GGG is possible, a 388-3072CT-CGG is not. The retail price list follows these guidelines, so if it’s in the price book, you can order it!
  • All specifications for 388/600 pertain to the RTA Gallery Series except where there is a Tall Back which is then 1” material. Drawer pedestals etc. should be ordered from the 388/600 series.
  • Gallery backs can be ordered up to 84” high. Please contact Customer Service for pricing.
  • Solid colour, woodgrain or two-tone combinations available.
  • 600 Series units maintain the same overall gable height as 388 Series units but the desk height worksurface thickness increases by ½”.
  • 600 Series transaction tops are 1 ½” and will increase the overall height of Gallery units by ½” when added.
  • See Price Book for Gallery Top ordering information

Laminate Desktop Reception

388/600 Series has numerous options available for those looking to design a reception area. Both straight and corner desk top transaction shelves have been a long-standing staple in reception design. Combined with our new and expanded storage options, Heartwood has the designs that are right for you.

Outlines Reception

For complete details on Outlines, please see the Outlines Series

As with the Laminate Gallery options, neo-angle wedges and corner modules are also available on Outlines Series and are a perfect reception solution

Available in four panel materials:

  1. Plexiglass (PLX), in 3 styles - Clear (CL), Frosted (FR), or Bronze (BR).
  2. Ribbed Polycarbonate (PYP), which allows light to pass through but obscures visibility.
  3. Laminate (LAM), in ~20 standard Heartwood finishes.
  4. Tackboard (TBP), in ~12 standard Heartwood fabrics (escape fabric series).

Transaction tops available in all standard Heartwood Manufacturing finishes.