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388 Series

Accessories Brochure

388 Series Brochure

Fabric & Finishes

Our most popular series to date, the 388 Series provides a solution for nearly every office furniture 'challenge'. With over 800 components and ~20 finishes to choose from, 388 should be your first choice for flexibility, style, choice and... durability. 388 series is also a compatible match to our Innovations series available through Heartwood Distributors Ltd. (HDL).

600 Series

600 Series

You can rely on this “Executive Series”  for eye-catching details and exceptional build quality. Featuring a 1 ½" top along with your choice of a non-fluted or fluted edge detail, this series provides everything you need to furnish your office space to the highest standards. Extremely versatile with nearly 650 components and ~20 finishes to choose from, the 600 Series will provide you with rock-solid performance for years to come.


Accessories Brochure

NEW Reception Ideas

Reception Brochure

Reception Series merges the numerous reception concepts/series available at Heartwood Manufacturing Ltd. into one central location. Whatever the reception workspace needs, we have a solution. 

Laminate Gallery Reception

Formerly 388 Gallery, this reception concept presents various configurations of extended laminate backs and gables, giving you the privacy you need where you need it. Gallery tops can be added to create a client transaction space or present a different look.

Curved Laminate Reception

Curved reception desks featuring waterfall transaction counters, curved classic gallery desking and specialized desking for height-adjustable.

Modern Reception

Our newest reception desk features waterfall transaction counters and two-tone colour design.

Laminate Desktop Reception

This concept combines storage requirements with the need for a division between a service provider and a client. Heartwoods new and expanded storage options, available in 388/600 Series, work well with the popular transaction shelf components currently found in this series.

Outlines Reception

Outlines Series is a robust desktop mounted privacy panel series with many applications. The nature of the Outlines Series inherently lends itself to reception workspaces were division is needed between client services and the client. With the numerous design elements encompassed by this series, be sure to find the look that is right for you.


850 Series

850 Series Brochure

Featuring steel components with a titanium coloured powder-coated finish, the 850 Series breaks the mould and offers a more contemporary collection of furniture for your office space.

850 series moves towards a more design-driven audience. Combine these fresh finishes with the metal details of the series, add some of our Aluminum Glass Doors and you are ready to go!


Workscape Series


Escape Fabric

As office furniture evolves into the 21st century, the office landscape is changing, too. Layered work surfaces present an agile, inviting look and feel, allowing a more open and friendly work environment.  

This is the next generation of office furniture. WorkScape not only has a fresh, visual appeal but offers many practical solutions for today’s changing office.  

WorkScape can be as simple or comprehensive as your design imagination allows.


Outlines Brochure

Outlines is a versatile, desktop-mounted, partition system that can be used on most new or existing modular work stations, reception stations and office desks. Posts, panels and tops are ordered separately to allow maximum flexibility in your quest to create attractive and functional desk partitions. All three categories come supplied with all parts and hardware necessary to easily install the system in the field.

Outlines Plus

Outlines Plus Series

Simple ... Sophisticated ... Stylish

Meet Heartwood's new line of desktop mounted partition panels. 

Desktop Panels available in several options: Laminate, Plexi-Glass (Frosted, Clear, or Bronze 5mm thick), or as a Tackable fabric panel for a colour pop! 

Protective Health Guard

Protective Health Guard

Protective Divider Panel Series - Options for COVID-19 Safety Requirements

(an extension of our popular Outlines & Outlines Plus Series)


Framework Series

Framework Extension Panels

A made-to-fit suspended furniture series featuring various work surfaces, storage and accessories that are designed to connect and hang from HDL FrameWork IN-STOCK freestanding grey tackable fabric modular panels.

Flex Series

High-Pressure Flex Series

FLEX Series Brochure

FLEX system of modular tables provides an affordable and versatile solution to meetings, conferences, training and academic applications. Freestanding tables can simply be repositioned within minutes to deliver a fast and practical surface solution.

900 Series

900 Series Brochure

The boardroom - the epicentre of a working office, where all the decisions get made. Make sure you maximize this space with well-considered furniture.  Compliment our Boardroom tables with our many Seating options, and conference furniture (lecturns, mobile service carts, visual boards etc.)

Seating - Jupiter Series

Jupiter Series

Echo Chair

Zeus Chair

Get comfortable, with Heartwood!

A full range of stylish seating options designed to balance comfort, support & value.

Height Adjustable


Calypso Height Adjustable Brochure

Athena Height Adjustable

Meet Apollo. Sit-to-stand height adjustable desks. 

  • Desk Shells
  • Corner Module & Extended Corner Module Desk Shells
  • Adjustable Return Shells
  • Popular L-shape One-piece Top Desks

Meet Calypso. Height adjustable bases & tops.

Bases - 2 & 3 leg height adjustable base models available with quick fold-out frame

Tops - Various sizes designed to work with Calypso Bases

  • Rectangular Top
  • Return Shell Top
  • Extended Corner Module Top
  • L-Shaped One-piece Top

Meet Athena & Olympus. Height adjustable bases

Bases - 2 & 3 leg height adjustable base models available

TEAM Series

TEAM Brochure

TEAM Series is composed of 3 different TEAMing workstation designs and an integrated power system: