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TEAM Power Walls are modular workspace divider system specifically designed to work with height-adjustable desking

Workscape is characterized by a layered, component-driven design and is the perfect partner for height adjustable desking

Combine metal legs with Flex Series tops for an open concept, modern office design.

Height adjustable electric bases & laminate tops designed to move with you!

Collaborative Work Stations, Call Centers or Study Carrels…Heartwood has solutions!

A simple suspended furniture series that takes advantage of base supports and attaches to  Heartwood Distributors' modular panel system.

Apollo Height Adjustable Desks combined with 388 Series Storage and featuring Auburn (AB) and Pure White (PW) laminate finishes.

600 Series embodies both classic styling and contemporary edge. ... the “WOW” factor clients are looking for.

Workstations made easy…explore the many options available in Framework!


Open Office Examples

  1. TEAM Power Wall
  2. Workscape Open Office
  3. Flex Series Loop Legs Desking
  4. Calypso Height Adjustable
  5. Outlines Series Team Stations
  6. Framework Suspended Furniture Series
  7. Apollo Series Height Adjustable
  8. 600 Series Open Concept
  9. Framework Workstations